10 Jobs For Introverts


Finding a job that fits your personality type won’t just help you become a happier person, but you might realize that your work comes out much more powerful as well.

I am an introvert and LOVE Working at Home. I get much more work and I get to work in peace. It’s remarkable.

Below are 12 jobs that are fantastic for introverts in which you work independently.

1. Start a blog

Blogging is not simple and takes a whole lot of hard work. It’s not for everybody. I had to work for free for a while to build this company from the bottom up. If you think that you inspire others to live lives that are better and could help people, a blog is a way to do that. I selling my own products, and make money with ad revenue sponsored articles.

2. Teach English online with VIPKID

VIPKID pays around $25 per hour, and the whole program is provided for you. Forbes VIPKID to work on the internet.

To fulfill VIPKID application requirements, you want to get a bachelor’s degree in almost any area, eligibility to work in the U.S. or Canada, and at least 1 year of teaching experience (includes tutoring, homeschooling, training, mentoring, and other life experiences).

3. Freelance writing

There are hundreds of freelance writing jobs out there, but getting those freelance jobs is not simple, and that’s why Holly created Earn More schooling.

4. Sell Etsy Printables

This side hustle is almost entirely passive, which means that you do the job in a single sitting, and then get paid for it for months and years to come. Over selling printables, Julie’s made with just a couple of hours of work on Etsy.

5. Sell on Amazon

There are over 100,000,000 (yes, million) Amazon Prime members. More than 50 percent of Amazon earnings come from third-party vendors.

Selling on Amazon is a legit way to earn money online expert empire and is not going away any time soon. And on how to get started selling on Amazon, if you are completely lost, bear with me.

6. Virtual Assistant

Aside from this site, I am a virtual assistant, and it has been a life altering experience — here is why.

I am a virtual assistant for a 7-figure site, which lets me see how a successful, profitable business operates. For helping the company owner I get paid.

7. Professional Proofreader

Change your passion for reading and words by becoming a professional proofreader, and help folks like me who are terrible at proofreading.

I employ a proofreader for particular projects, that has been a must in my organization. Proofreaders for books, magazines, websites, and tons.

Proofreaders can make between $17-$30 per hour and offers competitive pay and flexible hours while working at home.

8. Facebook Ad Manager

Did you know that you can become a Facebook Ad Manager for companies and earn an extra $1,000+ per month with only 1 customer? Facebook Ad Managers is responsible for running ads to improve earnings and their customer base. In summary terms, Facebook Ads really can help businesses grow.

There are over 27 million companies in the U.S. with over 500,000 new companies starting every month. Out of 27 million companies is 1-2 customers per month to make $ 1,000.

9. Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Pinterest has over 290 million active users. Utilizes Pinterest. This is huge for companies. Pinterest is essential for both large and small business owners, which is Pinterest Virtual Assistants are in high demand.

10. Instacart

Instacart is a great side hustle for those looking into making extra cash. I’m confident you’ve seen Shoppers picking up groceries at the store — they are usually at a green top with Instacart bags in their hands.

What is great about Instacart is that you do not even need a car. As an shopper, store orders are taken by you . You can register to be if you would like to make a little cash.