Are You Taking The Linear Career Path or Are You Ready To Take Your Career Off Piste?


Are you still in search of a linear career path?

As you think about your career, it is a good idea to look at the path you are currently travelling on. Is your path similar to the well-used ski run? Have you taken a traditional or safe route? Along your journey have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone and chosen another way?

A linear career path is just like it says. It’s a straight line, with no bumps or diversions. Your path began with the choices you made in the subjects you studied at school or university. Next you entered the world of work, maybe falling into a job or career then establishing a definite career direction as your focus.

As you have worked and developed your career over the years you’ve remained true to this linear path. But has your linear path remained true to who you are?Are you fulfilled and happy in your career?

Is it time for a change of scenery?

Let’s say you take a chance on your career. You change tack, take a gamble and you go off piste. What does off piste say to you? Off piste shouts opportunity, excitement and fun. It’s about being different. It’s about being flexible in approach. It will involve change.

Does the thought of stepping into the unknown fill you with dread? You wonder what will happen to your career? On the other hand, what will happen to you if you continue on your current ‘unfulfilled’ linear path?

Are You Prepared to Go Off Piste?

Imagine you are at the top of the mountain. As with life there are many options. You are faced with the choice of which way you will go down the mountain, in other words, which path you will take. One path is a clearly mapped out; it is well used and a favourite run for most skiers. The other means you will have to go off piste; this is an unchartered route.

Which way will you go?

Consider for a moment what you will see on the mapped out path. The winding run will no doubt be picturesque, with snow covered pines and breathtaking views across the valley. As you ski on this path, you will follow the grooves in the snow; a path already skied, time and time again, by those before you.

Imagine just how different your run can be when you go off piste? Off piste says risk, its unknown; it’s a path less skied. Who knows what you’ll discover along the way?

Rethink the model of what your career path can look like

Think broadly. Allow yourself an unrestricted view of the snow-capped mountains. Fasten your skis, open your mind and choose a new path, the one less skied. Go off piste and enjoy a new found freedom and choice in your career and the work you do!

Do you need help to change your career? Are you looking for a breakthrough? Are you looking for fulfillment? Do you want to create a new working lifestyle? Have you considered a portfolio career and lifestyle?