How much does a live chat increase conversion?


Live chat is a web service allowing businesses to communicate or chat with their website visitors in real time.  This application also is known as live support or live help assists to provide instant support and information to clients and other web visitors.  Live chat can increase conversion by up to 30% because it leaves the customers happier by providing these advantages:

  1. Speedy response to inquiries

 Users of live chat are happy that it saves them from waiting to wait for a brand to contact them in response to their questions about a product or service. Writing an email or filling a web form takes time and it compels the sender to wait for the feedback for some time. Sometimes there will be no response. A live chat agent will answer a question the moment a visitor types and do not ask to offer the necessary help after minutes, hours or days.

A customer who gets an instant answer or anticipates some challenges when purchasing something online will prefer to order from a company providing live help because of the support because of the assurance about immediate best book review writing services support when it becomes necessary. It is favorable to the modern generation which prefers to use text for messages and social networks as it feels better than listening to holing music after making a telephone call.

  1. Gathering of useful feedback

Live chat is a valuable tool for collecting the needs of the customers from their frequent questions about a product or service.  You can use this information to determine the weaknesses and the way to solve them.  You can also use feedback to enhance your site to include the information that visitors consider essential but have been missing it. Addressing the pain points makes the customers know you appreciate them. This act helps to build customer loyalty and bring in recurring business. The privacy of a live chat encourages the customers to send their most intimate questions or complaints rather than on the public forums or social media.  It further allows solving these issues away from public scrutiny.

  1. Round the clock availability

The internet favors something that is always ‘on.’  The internet never’ goes to sleep’ because it is past business hour. There will still be someone using the internet past office hours to access a service or product. Live chat apps work like the internet by always staying on even when to take a break.  Live help can help you to engage and convert prospects during the business hours and still use it to your advantage after that. You will turn the live chat box to an automated email capture form for 24/7 lead acquisition.

  1. Improved page rank

 Lead generation comes from getting more traffic to a website.  A higher position in search results is one of the efficient ways of boosting traffic.  All search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing factor the time that a user spends on the webpage (dwell time) into their algorithms. Live chat is a quick and affordable strategy of engaging users for them to stay longer on the website and with time it improves rank.

Live chat option is effective in solving the problems but in the process helps to increase conversion. Businesses should invest in competent representatives who know how to make most of this provision.

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