Lincoln Moneyguard III Policy Features and Benefits



Lincoln Moneyguard is a universal life insurance policy with a lasting care rider that will reimburse you for qualified long term care expenditures. Reimbursement long-term care insurance coverage will require you to send invoices.

Classes: Couples Discount and Standard. A couples price cut applies to individuals that are legally married (traditional or exact same sex) or have a partner in a civil union or domestic collaboration or are in a common law marriage as identified in the state where the policy is provided.

Premiums: Lincoln Moneyguard Premium are guaranteed. Premium may be paid as a single Premium or as flexible premiums. Premium might be compensated to the higher of 10 years or to age 70. Could be less than ten years for older problem ages.

Amount of Coverage: Minimum specified amount of life insurance is $50,000. Optimum specified amount of life insurance policy is $500,000.

Inflation Protection Options:You might help protect your retirement savings with optional substance inflation protection that will certainly boost your lasting care benefits. Select a compound rise of 3% or 5% for an added price. Your long-term care benefits will certainly remain to grow while you get on claim as well as obtaining benefits.

No-Lapse Guarantee: The No-Lapse Guarantee function given with the Value Premium Endorsement guarantees your policy will certainly not lapse if the minimal monthly no-lapse premium is paid.

Return of Premium Options:If your Standards alter, you are qualified for a return of your Premium. This benefit begins from the time of your very first Premium payment. Return of Premium alternative is picked at the time of acquisition and can not be transformed. Lincoln Moneyguard III offers 2 alternatives.

Option 1: Basic Return of Premium: A return of 70% of paid premiums. Picking the Standard Option will optimize your long term care benefits.

Option 2: Vested Return of Premium:  A return of 100% of paid premiums is available after policy years 10. The vesting schedule is:.

Terminal Illness Rider: provides a one-time claim for 25% -75% of the current defined amount of death benefit, as much as $250,000. This rider consists of your Lincoln Moneyguard policy.

Elimination Period: Once eligible for benefits, there is no insurance deductible or waiting duration for long-term care advantages to start.

International Benefits: While you are abroad, your Moneyguard policy advantages may be utilized for qualified long term care Premium for up to 36 months. International benefits just put on care obtained in an assisted living facility or an assisted living facility.

What services are covered by Lincoln Moneyguard III?

Adult Daycare: Social and health-related services by a state or a licensed as well as certified program in a group setting.

Alternative Care Services:These solutions are an option to solutions or else covered and are prescribed by a plan of care by a licensed medical care practitioner.

Assisted Living Facility: A domestic care facility that gives continuous help.

Bed Reservation Benefit: Lincoln Moneyguard will pay for bed reservations for up to one month per calendar year.

Care Planning Services: Your policy will reimburse you for care planning services provided by a care preparation agency.

Caregiver Training:  Approximately $500 lifetime maximum to educate a main caregiver.

Home Health Care: Solutions supplied by a licensed house health care agency in your house.