The Need Of Law Enforcement Officers!


Law and order is maintained by the police and just imagine how insecure you would have been if they were not around to protect you. The police force has the extra responsibility to prevent crime and keep you safe. They receive special training for their job however when it comes to them as people they are like anybody else- normal human beings with families!

Bradley Sterling is an experienced police officer and has been in the field for many years. He says that when he received an offer to join the police force he was happy to oblige. He had grown up in the locality and joining the police meant he could give back to his community as a grown up. When he first thought about the police force and joining, it did seem scary. He had heard stories about how dangerous and risky the job was. Every day he would be dealing with anti-socials and other criminals. He later faced his fears and finally enrolled for training. This is one of the best decisions he has made in life, he says

Invaluable experience and knowledge

When it comes to experience and knowledge about the police department, many aspiring candidates approach him for advice. He has been in the police force for two decades now and is happy to be of service even after retirement for guiding and mentoring youngsters. The first piece of advice he gives them is that you should be mentally and physically fit. During your tenure you should not resort to smoking and drinking. Mental and physical fitness is a must especially when you are fighting crime in the area. Like every profession, there is stress and you should embrace responsible means to combat it. You should not be foolish and take recourse to substance abuse in case you feel pressurized. There will be days when you will face the pressure of work. It is important for you to be prepared for this when you join the police force.

Healthy eating habits with rest

In the police force he says you must have healthy eating habits. This means when you are on duty ,ensure you do not skip your meals. You should be sensible when you are snacking. At the same time, it is very important for you to keep yourself hydrated at all times. It is prudent for you to drink lots of water and ensure you have whole fresh fruits in case you do not have a bottle of water all the time. Whole fruits are better than juices as you get complete nutrients and feel full at the same time.

Bradley Sterlingsays exercise and flexibility are also important when you are in the police force. Ensure that you work out and are fit. The job entails a lot of chasing and criminals are smart. This is why you should ensure you exercise daily and go in for stamina training as well. If you can abide to all of the above steps effectively, you are sure to become an amazing cop he says!