Wall Expansion Joint


Expansion joints of walls are a thing that is typically handled with water stops that are made of copper, these waters stops are accurately designed to accommodate the movement after flexing it. These water stops are run from the act of footing continuously on the wall of the top of the building, one more important thing about is that it was covered by flashing or other coping material. Above high-grade water stops you can find that it is lapped at least 4 inches in direction of flow these below grades must be soldered.

How can it be used?

There are two types of plates, the bronze, and the brass. These bronze and brass plates can be used to cover all the wall expansion joint in the interior walls. These are like the cover plates as shown in the terms and conditions of the floor precautional pamphlet.

The minimum weight that is recommended for copper water stop is almost 16 oz. as we can calculate it through any weight meter.

Do you know there are 2 types of expansions?

Building expansion joint at the new wall or an existing wall and building expansion joint at the corner of the wall these all details shows us the conditions and terminology of it.