Among all the means available to man to fly, the myanmar air balloon continues to fascinate. Once launched, these large hot air balloons can travel great distances. It is the ideal means of transport for a quiet trip, or a simple walk between earth and sky.

Only what many people do not know is that balloon flight is subject to a number of rules. To ensure the safety of the passages, their respect is very important.

What are the different measures to take, so that everything goes smoothly?

Safety first

Before boarding a hot air balloon and soaring in the air, you must for example pay attention to your clothing. It is generally recommended to wear casual and comfortable clothes. Depending on the weather (because the flights take place in the morning or in the evening), you will also need to wear a safety vest. Heeled shoes are prohibited, and the wearing of boots is strongly recommended in winter.

Unlike airplanes, it is not possible to get sick of the air in a hot air balloon. The carrycot is stable throughout the flight, so there is no need to take medication for this. There is no possibility of dizziness in these conditions, and specialists recommend not to stress.

In the same way, it is not possible to smoke in the basket. This can be done before or after the flight, while respecting the minimum safety distance between the nacelle and its gas cylinder.

And more

In terms of age, children can also travel in a hot air balloon. The minimum required is 6 years, but there is no cap. Elderly people can also take a ride in a hot air balloon, provided their state of health allows. Similarly, people with reduced mobility must be assessed before boarding a gondola. Regarding pregnant women, they are prohibited from theft in this device.

Apart from these passenger safety rules, there are strict regulations regarding balloon flight. It is recorded in what are called rules of the air, which are declined in many points. Those are :

  • flight rules
  • the captain’s responsibilities
  • the minimum overflight heights
  • prevention and collision rules

These different rules are mastered by the companies that offer hot air balloon flights, and advise passengers as far as they are concerned. They facilitate a safe flight, because the sky is taken by many aircraft. Just like on earth, there are traffic codes that are respected.

It is therefore up to each passenger to know and apply the different rules that concern them. They will help to respect others, and will allow you to enjoy a beautiful balloon ride.

Miscellaneous advice

Don’t forget your camera or camera; these are magical moments that you must immortalize to live them and relive with family or with your friends …

Our 4 X 4 vehicle follows the hot air balloon to their landing point, generally 15 to 30 kilometers away. After collecting the equipment, we will take you back to our take-off platform. But if your family or friends wish to follow the evolution of the hot air balloon for more than an hour, they will then discover, without any pre-established itinerary, our unusual country roads and small, very quiet villages, far from the main roads. …

You will also observe, the curiosity of the villagers admire with great sympathy the passage of this big bubble hanging in the air.