Changing Careers – What Is Your Encore Career?


You can be part of the revolution that’s been taking place in the U.S for some years now, the first wave of Americans that are changing careers after their 50th birthday. In the previous generations, for centuries, people would work at the same job or within the same profession right up to the end of their working careers.

But that mold has been broken and now more and more people are starting second, or encore careers that can continue until they no longer desire to work. These new career adventures can be exciting, challenging and rewarding and can be managed as long as the person desires, even well into their 70’s and 80’s.

These new online careers can also be passed on to family members and can become quite lucrative. One study that I’ve read about shows that 40 percent of those working at the age of 62 had started their second careers since they turned 55.

When someone has a passion or a purpose and they set their mind and follow a well laid out plan anything is possible and new careers can take off at any age. Some can become financial gold mines while others supplement Social Security and pension checks while paying off more in satisfaction and peace of mind.

The Comfort of Your Own Home

Many have always had to go through the routines of getting up early in the morning and getting ready for work, driving off into the rush hour traffic, working all day and then driving home again risking life and limb on the freeways and streets of any city. That gets less and less appealing as we get older and working from home sounds like a great idea, it did for me. A question that I asked myself many times over a period of a couple of years was “what is your encore career”.

Well, it’s entirely possible for anyone to make that career change at any age and stay in the comfort of your own home and make money online. After all there are well over 2 billion people searching the internet for everything and that number grows every day. Once you decide on a new career choice that you can do online, you can set your own work schedule around your life instead of having it the other way around.

If you’re dissatisfied with your current work situation and would like to step out and do something different then making a career change just might be an answer and the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

Changing your career at any age can be challenging and will force your mind to grow. Of course it will take lots of time and focused energy to become a professional at anything and there needs to be that investment on the sowing end prior to doing any reaping. It’s an exciting time because you’re creating something new, your career and future lifestyle. You are building a career and source of income and maybe even wealth and riches.

When someone mixes their energy with motivation to follow a well laid out plan the goal is sure to be met with constant forward progress toward the goal. Once you answer the question “what is your encore career” and step toward your choice it’s just a matter of time before you become an expert in your new career field. It’s only a matter of time before you become an expert, earning an online income and reaching for the potential in your new career.

What Would You Like To Do?

You are in a great position if you already know just what it is that you want to do and can jump right in with the right skills and get started with lots of enthusiasm, focus, and positive energy. If you’re in the “searching for new careers” stage the process will take a little longer according to how long it takes to decide on the right course to take, and gaining the skills needed to excel in your new chosen career.

If you’re in this stage of development know that there are a number of career test websites, that can give a good idea of what strengths and weaknesses a person has and can help with the decision on the best path to take. It would also be a good idea to ease into your new career while still hanging onto the “old” one as it may take a while to generate a steady income.

It’s also a great idea to take whatever time is necessary to discover what it is that you really want to do. This new career, especially an over age 50, second or encore career will be a long-lasting work-at-home enjoyable experience. It’s important to settle on a specific plan to accomplish some pre-set goals and take an organized and monitored approach and as you reach each goal, make a new one.

Be Part of the Revolution

To find out what your talents are you can make two well-thought-out lists, 1- things that you’re good at, and 2- what you enjoy doing. Notice just what your talents and interests are as you take your time and neatly write down on the two lists. Think of the things done in the past and what you can comfortably do now taking into consideration age, disabilities, and work environment. Is the work-from-home situation the best one for you as it is for so many others?

Make a list of 3-4 possible career choices, then decide on one of those choices and focus on that one only and forget about the others. Be sure to choose something that you will enjoy well into your retirement years. There are many work-at-home opportunities, and not just for the over 50 crowd but for anyone that will give their full effort to the growth process of their career idea, according to their plan.