Types of premium corporate gifts in Singapore


There are many people that take the premium corporate gifts in Singapore in a single way. Well, there are numerous types of Singapore premium corporate gift that you can purchase depending on your needs.

Promotional gifts

The first type of gifts are promotional items. These are generally less expensive and are bought in bulk. Companies tend to give these gifts to a wide range of audience. Often the purpose behind such gifts is branding and promotion.

Corporate to public

The public gifts are the ones that corporations give for public cause. For instance, you may provide a couple of hangings for a roundabout. These kind of gifts are generally well received by the public in the area.

Corporate to Employees

These are mostly the gifts that are not branded. They are given to an employee as an appreciation. You may acknowledge an achievement of a worker and provide him or her with such corporate to employee gifts.

Corporate to company

The networking matters a lot in business and there are times when you will ask a business to take care of something. Companies tend to give gifts to other businesses in acknowledgement to their long relation and services.

Corporate to clients

Corporate to individuals from other business