How To Successfully Implement AP Automation


Small business owners who are considering shifting from manual processing to the AP automation software are heading in the right direction. After making the shift, there are still several important implementation steps that will ensure the automation is successful. For business owners who are still hesitant to use an automated AP software, here’s a guide that will help you implement the change:

Step 1: Identifying The Biggest Weaknesses

Before investing in an automated AP system it is best to take a closer look into your current accounts payable methods and the team running it. As a responsible owner, you should be able to pinpoint which part of your current process is the biggest weakness. By identifying this you can make the necessary improvements when implementing the automated AP to ensure that these weaknesses are addressed and will no longer impede the new AP system.

Step 2: Set Specific Goals

After locating the AP weaknesses and problems the next step is to set a goal that you want to achieve after installing the automated software. When you have a specific and achievable goal everyone involved in the new system implementation can work together to ensure these goals are met on time.

Without an achievable goal in mind, you will not notice the effectiveness of the newly adapted AP automation software.

Step 3: Choose The Right Software

The reason why it is important to identify the weaknesses of your current system and to set goals for your new system is to help you narrow down the best AP software for your company. Finding the right software for your company will have a bigger impact in the long run. Take the time and research more about the different AP software choices available in the market.

Step 4: Get Your Staff On Board

Making the change from manual to automated accounts payable processing is impossible without the support of your AP department. Make sure to take to your staff about the changes and the upcoming system upgrade. It might take them some time to get used to the new system, but once they know how to use the software and how efficient it can be, they will start to appreciate the changes.

Be sure to talk to your staff about the software before moving forward with the upgrade and reassure them that the automation will not cost them their job and that they actually stand to benefit the most from the new AP system.

Step 5: Roll Out The System In Chunks

Once the AP department is ready, it is time to start using the new automated system. While it is very uncommon to run into big problems during the initial stages it is best to start implementing the changes in chunks. This way the staff can slowly get used to the new processing steps without facing too many complications along the way.

The Follow Up

As soon as the new AP software is up and running there isn’t much left to do. Simply check on the system once in a while to ensure everything is working smoothly and properly. Look out for any discrepancies in the process just in case the new system missed anything.
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