Dress for Fitness


A growing fashion trend is the wearing of athletic clothing, that looks like you are headed to a gym, the track or a yoga class, even when you are not.  Such outfits now are seen every day on the street, the grocery store or even in the office.  Do you find this tacky or trendy? Here are a few reasons why this style might be right for you.

This style of dress reflects our growing appreciation for physical fitness. Long ago, when life was much harder, being “plump” was considered to be sexy and desirable. If you were a woman with wide hips, it meant you probably could survive childbirth. If you had some belly fat, it meant you were wealthy enough to afford such luxuries as proper food.  We can see this standard of beauty in the art of the “Rubenesque” style.  In our modern era, food is plentiful and we actually have an obesity problem. Being slender and muscular is a sign of good health and longevity. Healthy is sexy.  Few of us work long days of hard physical labor, so having a healthy body takes exercise.  Athletic clothing has become a visual clue that one engages in activities that promote fitness.

Athletic wear, such as one could get from Groupon discount pantibioticodes page for Dorothy Perkins, or from athletic shoe companies, such as Adidas, Nike or Puma, has a psychological effect on others as well as the wearer. Wearing active wear can actually help you be more active. The comfortable shoes and soft, form-fitting clothing makes it easy to get some movement into your day.  You are less likely to skip the bus or taxi and walk to lunch if you are wearing a suit or a dress and high heels. Wearing the clothing all day makes it easier to be spontaneous and do something aerobic, rather than taking the time to change clothes before an activity.  The clothing can also psychologically encourage you to improve your body, so that you meet the athletic ideal that you have pictured as being the best version of you.

Also remember that “like attracts like.”  People tend to gravitate towards people who have the similar interests or activities as themselves. If you dress like a healthy person, then you will draw other healthy people into your circle of friends. Surrounding yourself with other healthy people will improve your health and wellbeing.  So put on those yoga pants and lace up those sneakers and get out into the world. Your life will be better for it.