Inside Edge Review – India’s Top Show 


Squid Game is one of the many unexpected hits that online streaming TV can provide. The Indians had already created Inside Edge before the Korean series was released.

What is the Premise?

Inside Edge, an Indian sports drama series, was launched as part of Amazon Prime Video in 2017. It was the first Amazon Original to use Hindi as its main language. Karan Anshuman created the show. It focuses on fictional characters and events from the cricket world. The show’s heart is the fictional T20 cricket side, Mumbai Mavericks. It also features the owners, who are involved in illegal betting.

The most popular sport in India is cricket. Some real-world betting conspiracy inspirations led to the series winning critical acclaim and a nomination at the 46th International Emmy Awards for Best Drama Series.

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The First Two Seasons

Inside Edge’s inaugural season introduced us to Powerplay League, a T20 cricket league that also includes the Mumbai Mavericks. In this world of cricket drama, however, all is not well. Vikrant Dhawan introduces the lucrative, but dirty practice of spot-fixing to make cash. Most of the team are willing to do it. There’s more to the story than illegal betting. There is violence, murder and bloodshed that are all part of Indian society today.

Bhaisaab, the president of the Indian Cricket Board as well as the league’s founder, is a more prominent presence in the second season. Zarina, coowner of the Mavericks rises to power thanks to Bhaisaab’s favor. But both are enemies from the scheming Vikrant. Performance-enhancing drugs, psychological problems, and conflicting loyalties are all themes in the second season.

Season 3 (December 2022).

The series entered the international cricket world with the release of the third season on December 3, 2022. It is rare for top-class athletes to openly identify as gay in the real world, so the show made the brave decision to make the Indian cricket captain homosexual. The addition of a Pakistani tour to India adds a political dimension, since the two countries are historical rivals, particularly in cricket and in relation to the Kashmir region. One of the Indian characters on the show is a newbie cricketer from Kashmir. The show’s villains are still entertaining, even though there are many hot topics in the third season.

The future of Inside Edge has not been announced by Amazon Prime Video. There is widespread expectation that season four will be commissioned. Inside Edge’s cast and crew are also looking forward to a new season. Karan Anshuman, the creator of Inside Edge, has expressed his excitement about a return to the cricket world and controversy. He has done an excellent job in creating a story rich with cricket stories but also compelling characters. If a fourth season is possible, it is likely that all or almost all of the main cast will return to reprise their roles. Kanishk Varma (director of season three) has expressed his interest in reprising the same role for a fourth season.

The Real World Backdrop

Inside Edge is not based directly on a true story. It also has a foundation in reality. Betting on cricket has become a huge business, particularly in India. This has led to many stories about criminal activity, such as spot-fixing by betting networks that seek to make high-profitable winning bets.

This is a problem for cricket because of the large number secondary betting markets. These markets include how many no balls a match may feature. They are easy to artificially induce without making it seem outlandish. Inside Edge is inspired by real-world events from the Indian Premier League. This competition is the most prestigious in T20 cricket. The competition is known as the Powerplay League in the show. The series’ overall feel and individual incidents can be described as a result of events that actually happened. However, this is not a fictionalized version of a true story.

Inside Edge characters have been compared to real-life personalities like Bhaisaab and Lalit Modi. The show’s fictional approach to the story has allowed it to be flexible, not limiting it to a specific set of events, but rather allowing it explore new themes and move to international cricket in its third season.


It’s unclear if the show will get a fourth season, as the last season was just released. However, the show’s combination of real-world themes with fictional panache has attracted a lot of viewers other than those who are into cricket.