Why Aircon Automatic On and Off


Want to know why the automatic air turns on and off? Have you ever experienced a hot day to relax at home, and because of the cold wind from the air conditioner, you feel so comfortable that you suddenly changed yourself? Then when you check it, will it light up again? Before you panic because of fear, understand that ghosts will not cause this. It usually occurs on a faulty air conditioning system, and you should fix it before the problem gets worse. For more information , please visit this Singapore Aircon Service website.

Possible Reason

Before you contact an air conditioner service technician, please check whether your device is equipped with energy-saving features or sleep mode. A large number of air conditioning units, especially newer models and those with an Energy Star rating, are equipped with this feature to help you save energy. You must turn it on; therefore, your device is turned off at certain times of the day. Read your device manual and check the instructions. You can turn off this feature for a few days to see if the problem persists. If it happens, it is caused by other reasons. If not, you can turn on the energy-saving mode to your advantage.

The most common cause of problems is that the compressor is dirty. The air conditioner generates heat during operation, and this heat must be dissipated. However, if your compressor gets dirty or clogged, there is no way for the heat to go, leading to overheating. This will trigger the safety switch to turn off the machine. Once the device cools down, it will light up on its own.

If you have cleaned the compressor, filter, and coil, but the power supply is still stuck, then the problem may be with your safety switch. You may need to check if it can still be repaired or needs to be replaced.

Another reason is low battery. There may not be enough refrigerant in your equipment system and needs to be charged.

Finally, there must be a problem with the electronic circuit board in your airspace. It may cause certain components of the device to stop functioning effectively, such as fans, which will again cause overheating.

Should you fix it yourself?

To save money, you might want to do this. In addition, it is easy to clean the compressor and filter of the air conditioning system. However, if you do this, you may damage the system instead of repairing it. Unless you know how to do it or unless you are qualified, don’t try to mess up the internal components of your air conditioner. This will avoid danger to you and your equipment. Some wires have low voltages, and you cannot avoid them unless you recognize them.

The circuit board is also very delicate, and only properly trained people can understand how each small part works. The real cause of the shooting problem can only be done by someone who has the expertise to repair the air-conditioning system. Even filling your equipment with refrigerant can only be done by EPA-certified personnel. Always seek the services of a qualified registered air conditioning repair technician.