The North Face’s Steve Lesnard Resets Normal With a Gucci Collab


CMO Steve Lesnard and the Quest to Reset Normal 

Steve Lesnard of The North Face comes as a breath of fresh air as the Global Vice President of Marketing. What is so refreshing is his keen understanding of what it takes to Reset Normal. As part of his tasks at The North Face, he has taken a fresh look at the Explore Fund — a global initiative to address inequity in the outdoor space. Forbes goes on to explain that the Explore Fund also endeavors to develop scalable solutions that support access to natural exploration.

Reset Normal’s success hinges on the inclusion of all having access and feeling comfortable enjoying the great outdoors replete with the very necessary breath of fresh air. For various reasons, communities of color do not take advantage of their surroundings. Enjoying the outdoors is a necessary part of the human experience. Unfortunately, however, marginalized people do not partake by and large. How to change that? This is something that The North Face has decided to take on.

The Explore Fund has decided to expand to include the Explore Fund Counsel by engaging the talents of cultural icons Lena Waith and Jimmy Chin, two celebrated film industry members. With the addition of these two and more to follow, Steve Lesnard wants to make a real difference in how communities of color experience the outdoors. They don’t have to sport The North Face brand jacket. It is much more salient that they feel supported and motivated to reset their normal. That is, to make the outdoors their own.

According to Resource Magazine, diversity in the great outdoors is lagging for several reasons including the affordability of and access to state parks. When you recall that state parks were closed and/or segregated for communities of color before 1964, you begin to understand why. The historical legacy of the family outing at a lush state park did not exist. It will take effort to change the perspective of many. Steve Lesnard and his Explore Fund Council are taking on the task.

The North Face Gucci Collab Is Brand New, Yet Accolades Flow 

Traditionally, The North Face is known for providing premier outerwear, and outdoor equipment for the outdoor-minded enthusiast. The North Face is determined to bring up its design style quite a few notches with its collaboration with Gucci. The Gucci brand is phenomenal and known for its exquisite design sense. The North Face Gucci collaboration is winning awards and the praise of many. The collaboration is complete in every sense of the word and has become a darling of the fashion world. The line includes footwear, ready-to-wear styles, and accessories. It is an eccentric mix of puffer jackets, bucket hats, lumberjack shirts as well as other outdoors-oriented clothing. What is most striking design-wise is the use of psychedelic and floral prints. As a result, The North Face Gucci collaboration has won the Best Exploration Wallpaper Design Award of 2021.

The marriage of The North Face and Gucci works so well because both brands were started by people with meager beginnings and are now nationally known and celebrated. The North Face was founded in 1968 by a husband-and-wife team while Gucci was founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. With hard work, dedication, and style, both entities have become the trendsetters that they are today. No wonder Steve Lesnard takes his job so seriously. He has a tradition to maintain.

Steve Lesnard of The North Face meets his role with excessive vim and vigor. It is a delight to all who see the fruit of his efforts. Another way to envision a Reset Normal is the reality of style meets the outdoors. People who have felt out of place in the great outdoors can find their own space and do it with Gucci flair. These are just two examples of Steve Lesnard taking this role masterfully. It is a delight to all who see the fruit of his efforts.