What are the main types of headhunting in Romania and why is Talent Stream the best agency to help its clients



The headhunting in Romania is a process of recruitment of prospective employees that are suitable for certain jobs in big companies. Head hunting is a very effective process for outsourcing and getting candidates for top positions, who might not look for a job change, but are the best persons that fit the job. Recruiters can resort to headhunting when they find that a certain position is vacant and nobody interested or qualified applied, when they are looking for a type of skills or competencies and don’t waste their time placing ads for which unworthy candidates would apply for, or when a certain position is confidential and they do not want to wait to list it on the market publicly.

The main types of headhunting in Romania

There are many types of headhunting that interest the organizations in search for candidates. Direct headhunting is a method in which the candidates are called directly, either by calling his number or meeting at home, at the offices or at a café. This type of headhunting is done after the research has been done upon that person and the role that he is being hired for. Moreover, there is also an indirect headhunting type, that assumes leaving a reference for the person to be headhunted so that he may contact, in case of acceptance.

The third party head hunting is where the executive search firms such as Talent Stream come in . the entire process is outsourced. Contacting a headhunting agency to scan through people of other organizations or from other sources or trying to find out a better match is a very good idea. The idea is that the best people are recruited through this method. There may be some issues related to headhunting if a competitive agency such as Talent Stream isn’t contacted.

All in all, headhunting is a process of recruiting individuals to fill in senior positions in organizations. Many companies choose to enhance the pool of executive talent by using a headhunter’s expertise. A good headhunter must have a deep understanding of individual industries and job specs, must have a great ability to spot emerging talent, and great people skills.

Moreover, a good headhunter is good at analysing job profiles and identifying some skills in others and must be driven by passion and persistence. He should be friendly and approachable, not aggressive and insistent, although he might seem pushy, this is his job. Mainly, headhunting agencies such as Talent Stream are focused on identifying quality candidates and work in order to update their list of contacts so that they will be able to start recruiting immediately. So, if a headhunter contacts a person it means that he has confidence that the person is able to fit in the role proposed.