Why buying meat from the most well-known chicken farm from Romania is the best choice for your business?



One of the most well-known chicken farm from Romania is called La Provincia and since 4 decades supplies the biggest restaurants, stores and other businesses with the best quality chicken meat. Chicken meat is preferred by the restaurants’ representatives, as it is one of the tastiest and most versatile meat of them all, especially if the chicken are raised in a farm, with healthy food and a healthy way of life. Chicken meat can be prepared in a various number of ways at home and in restaurants. If all the fast-foods would decide to buy healthy chicken meat, the products such as hamburgers, chicken wings would be healthier and with low risks for human organism.

The meat from a well-known chicken farm from Romania is a delicacy in every restaurant

Restaurant management and food safety programs work on improving chicken meat preparation and cooking. Chicken meat can be prepared in a restaurant in well-known recipes from all around the world, or in traditional recipes from the country it is served. So, chicken meat can be used for a great variety of soups, can be baked, grilled, barbecued, fried, boiled, deep fried, can be used for chicken nuggets, fried chicken, coq au vin and many other recipes that are appreciated by gourmands all around the world.

Almost every part of the chicken is used in preparing healthy foods, the chicken breast being one of the most appreciated. Chicken consumption has raised in the last decades and it surely overcomes the consumption of beef and pork meat. The breast is relatively dry, can be used in soups, can be grilled, can be chopped and used for preparing lasagna, meat balls, stuffed cabbage rolls, stuffed bell peppers, etc.

The wings are served all over the world in fast food menus, deep fried or even in soups and other foods. The chicken legs comprises two segments: the drumstick and the thigh and both of them are delicious in many foods. Moreover, chicken feet are eaten mainly for the skin and cartilage, the neck is served in various Asian dishes, and the liver, hearts and gizzards are a true delicacy.

In La Provincia farms, chickens are fed with true organic food, being one of the most important local poultry producers, the company’s activity being an integrated one. La Provinia has all particular modern retail certifications, so that the products can be found in the major local retail chains. These farms offer a wide range of fresh chicken products that satisfy every taste. The genuine chicken taste is the number one priority when it comes to the most demanding gourmets and food enthusiasts.

All in all, La Provincia produces with the highest care and professionalism the best quality and healthy meat that can be used in preparing chicken dishes at home, as well as in restaurants and fast foods.