Why add an extra room on when you can add under the house with the help of KapitalBasements company?


KapitalBasements specialists suggest that the basement is a valuable real estate and a perfect place for adding a low-cost extra bedroom, family room, living room, workout place, play room or workplace. Practically, with the correct lighting and exterior isolation, the basement can be turned into anything that the clients ever dreamed of.

Because until few years ago, most basements were used as storage rooms or washing rooms, modern perspectives suggest that these rooms can be transformed into something nicer, bigger, more comfortable for family members, guests or renters.

Remodeling your basement with the help of KapitalBasements specialists can bring you satisfaction

A basement project cannot be done by the owner of the house himself, as it is a very ample and complex project that needs a professional “touch”. Although the cost of the project may seem pretty big, the house owners should keep in mind the fact that this is an investment that will raise the value of the house, the comfort of the owners and will be used for a few decades.

Basements can be turned into one of the several living, playing or working areas of the house with the proper lighting and with the proper interior arrangements. Changing an old and unattractive basement into a living area is quite a challenge, and the specialists take into consideration adding ventilation and light, finding a way in hanging drain lines, ductwork and wiring. Most of the basement transformation projects can be seen on Kapital Basements site and they are spectacular!

The specialists offer waterproof guarantee, structural works guarantee, delta product guarantee, electrical certificates and building control completing certificates as for the owners not to have problems in completing the necessary documents for the changes made. For those who ask if living in a basement is healthy or not, as long as the basement is transformed in a living area, it is suitable for all human beings and has the advantage of being the most relaxing and quiet place of the house.

The basement can be practically turned into a small apartment that can be used by children when they reach 18 years old and want to be more independent and move in with somebody. As well, the basement can be rented for a sufficient amount of money in order to pay some of the bills. Moreover, the basement can be that relaxing space used by the owners as often as they need it, and by guests that come and stay in for more than a few days.

Converting a basement into a living area does not need a huge amount of money, the budget is established with the help of Kapital Basement specialists and it reflects their efforts and the clients’ needs and preferrences.